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Keiser's Role A column by Trevor Keiser

Freedom with responsibility

July 07, 2010 - The Fourth of July parade through downtown Clarkston once again proved to be a success with 114 floats. Suprisingly it ended in an hour and a half. The last parade we had filled with political candidates went for two hours.

Following the parade I headed on over to Independence Township Hall for the flag raising ceremony. It was quite a sight to see that 10-by-15 Old Glory flag raised by World War II Veteran George Thompson.

I would like to send a special thanks to the Independence Township Firefighters for all their great donation to the township as well as to the American Legion and all those involved who made the ceremony and everything happen.

I was however, very disappointed near the end of the ceremony when a voice from the crowd cried out "Recall Wagner." Though I applaude the efforts of all of those who put in their time and effort into the recall, that was not the proper place nor the proper time to say such a thing.

When approached and asked to leave the scene because she was being rude the woman simply replied "freedom of speech." The event had nothing to do with Wagner. He gave a quick 'thank you' speech as any normal politician would do at such an event.

Now, I've been thinking about this for the past couple of days and here's what I've come up with. Freedom, no matter what kind of freedom, comes with responsibility. When a 16-year-old is given his license, he now has the "freedom to drive" by the state and by his parents. But that freedom comes with the responsibility of driving safely. Though I personally don't condone drinking, the age of 21 allows the "freedom to drink" responsibily.

All of our freedoms come at a cost and with a measure of responsiblity on our part. I think it's important we realize we cannot just say and do whatever we please when and how we please. We must think before we act and consider each situation as to whether it is the proper time to say or do something.

"People demand freedom of speech as compensation for freedom of thought which they seldom use." - Soren Kierkegaard, Danish Philosopher.

Trevor graduated with degrees in English and communications from Rochester College. He wrote for his college and LA View newspapers before joining The Clarkston News in May 2007.
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