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Letter to the editor

Pappas deserves more press

July 07, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Odd that after such long service to the community, The Clarkston News did such a short story on the dedication of the Village Hall in the honor and memory of Art Pappas.

Just as odd, they refer to him only as clerk and treasurer. Art Pappas' dedicated and remarkable service to this community included being clerk, treasurer and city manager, all at the same time.

His many accomplishments deserved a more significant report. To paraphrase Bill Basinger's comments, the Village of Clarkston is very much Pappas' work of art.

One more note. Art Pappas was never elected city manager. Yet he was responsive and assessable to everyone.

We should all take note of that when considering the best future for Independence Township.

Craig Bennett

Independence Township

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