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Oxford police log

July 07, 2010 - Monday, July 5 - Someone smelled gas in a building on N. Washington and called the fire department.

*A power outage on Glaspie caused a building alarm to go off.

*There was an accident on S. Lapeer and W. Drahner. No injuries were reported.

*A fire partially burned a house on Seymour Lake Rd. The caller's husband was able to put the fire out.

Sunday, July 4 - A manager of a establishment on N. Lapeer Rd. reported that a red vehicle was driving erratically through his parking lot. The vehicle was spotted heading towards Minnetonka.

*A caller reported that a fight happened at the beach on Glaspie St. The victim had been knocked unconscious and was taken away by a friend. The responsible was still at the scene.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Thornehill Trail. A caller reported that he was out of town and that his family saw an unknown black Avenger in his driveway.

*There was a complaint against juveniles throwing fireworks out of windows on W. Burdick.

Saturday, July 3 - There was a complaint of underage drinking on Broadway.

*A suspicious white vehicle was seen in the parking lot on Pontiac St.

*A woman reported her wallet being stolen while she was in an establishment on S. Washington.

* A two-car crash at Oxford and Gardner roads resulted in an 18-year-old driver receiving a ticket for failing to yield.

Friday, July 2 - There was an accident between a Jeep Liberty and a Ford Explorer on E. Burdick and Mill St.

*A civil matter was reported on N. Washington. A landlord entered a woman's apartment without her permission, stating it was for a monthly inspection. The dressers appeared to be gone through, but nothing was missing. Police advised the woman what to do.

*A GPS and a cell phone were stolen from an unlocked car on Hill Side.

*A black power cord and an assortment of tools were stolen from a motor home storage bin while it was on E. Oakwood Rd.

Thursday, July 1 - There was a report of some marijuana possibly being smoked and grown in a yard on S. Washington.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Glaspie St. by the beach. Some kids were suspected to be drinking, and an officer found a container that appeared to have had alcohol in it, but it was empty.

*A truck was stolen from a home on Parker Lake.

*Some unknown subjects lit a small canister of fireworks inside a mailbox on Sanders, causing it to catch fire and melt. The owner was able to extinguish it before the fire department came.

*There was a possible operating while intoxicated on S. Lapeer and Drahner. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

Wednesday, June 30 - Officers had to do crowd control on S. Washington. They stood by and waited for the crowd to dwindle down outside of the building.

Tuesday, June 29 - There was a report of two male solicitors, one black and one white, selling packages for a nearby golf course. The reporting person called the golf course and learned they had no one soliciting.

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