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Letter to the editor: Plan to 'Save Gingellville' was a flop, resident says

July 07, 2010 - Dear editor,

A few years ago, planners working on updating Orion Township's master plan decided to save Gingellville after determining was the most important issue at the time. Ha ha.

In order to save Gingellville, they came up with a brilliant idea. Oh, this was no small plan: A strip mall. I never could understand their reasoning.

Not only would there be shopping, but it would be a walkable community, with a place to sit outside and talk with different people in this special community.

Alas, it never happened. Oh there were buildings built and used for a few years, but I have never seen anyone walking to the area to shop or sit and chat.

I attended every meeting at the time and was always against the plan. There were so many other plans that could have been made for Baldwin Road. Well you people that worked on the planning of that Master Plan were wrong. What were you thinking?

Today, just about all those stores are closed. What a shame and disgrace to this township that you people didn't come up with a better plan than "Save Gingellville."

Orion pays (township planner) Don Wortman a lot of money to work on planning of our township.

People, you need to pay attention to what he is doing. Don't use the excuse you don't have time to be involved. I say take the time and speak your mind; these people might do something to your property or the way you live if you don't wake up.

I realize the economy is bad, and could be the reason the stores closed, but on the other hand it might be the stores are not what people wanted for the area. Only the planners wanted it their way. Now what is the township going to do with the property that is sitting empty? People wake up.

-Betty McDowell

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