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Letter to the editor: Friend 'embarrassed' by story

July 07, 2010 - Dear editor,

I would like to take a moment to point out that my best friend and her husband purchased this home referred to in this story months ago (Family affair: Police arrest seven, find pot growing operation in basement, June 23).

I am curious as to why this article has been printed several months after the incident occurred and not when it actually happened?

I must tell you that I myself would be a little embarrassed if I had my "new" neighbors asking me in the middle of the local store if I saw the article in the Lake Orion Review about my home being raided for drugs and under age drinking.

People that live close to this home obviously know it was the previous owners, however, think about the people who live in the community and have no clue that the family has moved out.

Would you want people staring at you like you were some sort of criminal? I think it would have been nice to check your facts and mention that the accused and convicted are no longer tenants in the property and have since vacated instead of "Court trials are pending, but police believe the family has left Lake Orion since the incident."

I personally helped with the sale and closing of this home and can assure you there are new owners.

I send this letter because I was so disappointed to hear my best friend tell me that their new home that they have spent months remodeling and giving it the TLC it needed is being referred to as "the drug house."

This is their pride and joy and the place they call home now. I think a follow up to the story would be nice for the new owners. Don't you?

Deeply disappointed,

Michelle Fisher

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