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Guest viewpoint: Maria Rotondo-Mark

Relationships and love

July 14, 2010 - While most relationships are chosen and cultivated; on the other hand, relatives are inherited.

To relate to relatives is a relatable choice. To be inherited is often taking things for granted, not to be misunderstood as free of attachment!

Often we seem to mistake love as the relationship. In reality love is the result of a good relationship built on day to day, month after month, moment to moment accumulation of joys and tribulations.

As we mature through the process of accepting, understanding, mending, resolving our miss-communication; we grow as people and as a result relationship builds on the bond of love. Respect the self, is to respect another, trust the self is to trust another.

One does not do the right thing for another without realizing the self-responsibility of checks and balances for our actions is no-one else's but each individual to account for.

Can one fall in love and build a relationship later; does one build a relationship that can grow toward love?

Obviously most humans follow no formula; most stumble upon love or the notion of love.

Others may settle for companionship at any cost. Love is no settlement it is an ultimate gift granted upon humankind by our Creator.

When this gift is cultivated, maintained, cherished and shared there is no other substitution. To be worthy of love is to assign a worth to the self.

Fear is an emotion, a trigger, a blocker, a cloud that may have been implanted by previous relationships gone sour, thus produced a barricade. Identify the possibility to release fear and be free to choose again.

Enduring love is one that builds upon the day to day actions, interactions, forgiving yet not forgetting the lessons learned.

No one is perfect, no relationship is mistake proof, to understand the self is to know we are similar in nature; all capable of making choices to build relationship or put them in harms way. Recovery is always in our grasp.

There are doctors and hospitals to assist when illness occurs; similar are matters of the heart as they affect the emotional health of everyone. These times are opportunities to communicate, understand that we are all human and humans are capable of making mistakes.

If recognized, mistakes are like taking medicine to bring us to better health balance. Emotional good health is as important if not more so than physical health.

Relationships begin with self, when one is able to live with self; to live with another is to take a new step. To walk toward another is to learn how to walk all over again. Desire to be with intention is to align mind, body and spirit; a trinity agreement each individual must reckon with.

Each awakening day begins a new experience. Day after day a renewal to be open and vulnerable to allow love to flow in the blood stream of daily routine. Aligning with the intentions creates a free space for trust to live. Pain may be inevitable to attain the level of co-existence to prevail. Miracles do happen when alignment, awareness, commitment, accountability, responsibility, respectability and all the other necessary ingredients that cultivates the miracle of love to exist in our midst.

Maria Rotondo Mark is a resident of Independence Township

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