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Oxford police log

July 14, 2010 - Monday, July 12 - Juveniles were spotted on the deck of a vacant house on Broadway. The kids left the area and were unable to be located.

*A fisherman was spotted shooting and spearing fish on Maloney. The incident was turned over to the Oakland County Sheriff's.

*A suspicious person was reported on S. Washington. The reporting person believed that a male was intoxicated inside of an establishment. An officer transported the subject to an address on Sanders and they were turned over to family.

*A caller on W. Beverly called police and stated that something hit the side of her truck while she was driving on Lakeville Rd. She called because she needed to go back and did not want to go back alone.

Sunday, July 11 - A woman on Dennison stated that she locked herself out of her own house.

*Police assisted the Oxford Fire Department at an address on Park St. for a female fainting.

*Police were advised to be on the lookout for a driver of a Ford F-250 who was shouting at passing vehicles and holding signs out the window. The vehicle was last seen heading southbound from the county line.

*An officer issued five citations to vehicles parked on the grass on Glaspie St. after warnings were given out 30 minutes prior.

*A caller reported that juveniles were in front of a house on Kirkwood talking about fighting.

Saturday, July 10 - A driver was pulled over for operating while intoxicated on Lakeville Rd.

*There was a party going on in the area of Park St. with cars driving all over yards. The area was cleared.

*There was a report of a disoriented male on W. Burdick.

*A male was spotted in the roadway on N. Washington trying to grab trucks.

*Juveniles were reported to be knocking on doors on W. Burdick and Conda Lane and running. An officer spoke with the juveniles.

*A caller on First St. reported that she was trying to leave her home and her husband wouldn't let her. She also reported that her husband was intoxicated.

Friday, July 9 - A suspicious circumstance was reported on East St. One intoxicated male and one sober female were looking for a grave. An officer advised them and they were on their way.

*There was a report of some items being taken from an address on S. Washington.

*A male on Lakeville Ct. was making harmful threats to the reporting person.

*Some speakers on S. Washington were set up outside with loud music that had profanity in it. An officer advised the owner that the speakers and the music had to be moved inside. The owners complied with no problems.

Thursday, July 8 - A person was fly fishing in the beach area on Glaspie St. The subject eventually moved.

*There was a report of a suspicious vehicle on Glaspie St. The vehicle was parked near the back of a building and it was occupied. It turned out to be a female employee from a nearby shop who was on break.

Wednesday, July 7 - Police were unable to locate a possible intoxicated driver on N. Lapeer Rd. after they turned onto Ray Rd.

Tuesday, July 6 - There was an accident between a Jeep Cherokee and a Dodge Neon.

*Police assisted a motorist who was disabled in the road south of Burdick St.

*An alarm went off on S. Glaspie. The fence area and the building checked out ok.

*A homeowner on Thornehill Trail called and stated that there was a vehicle partially blocking his driveway. An officer arrived and issued a citation.

*A Jeep Grand Cherokee on Wood Trail was damaged with an unknown object as it was parked in the driveway of the reporting person.

*A catalytic converter and 15 gallons of gas were stolen out of a dump truck that was parked on Lakeville Ct.

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