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Letter to the editor: Reader hopes 'voters do the right thing'

July 14, 2010 - Dear editor,

I sincerely hope voters will do the right thing on August 3 by voting to approve the renewal of the small millage needed to operate, maintain and improve the Oakland County Parks.

For a home valued at $200,000 the homeowner pays less than $25 a year to support the thirteen Oakland County Parks.

Lake Orion is fortunate to be surrounded by Oakland County Parks and they offer something for everyone, including miles of hiking trails, picnic facilities, campgrounds, nature centers, waterparks, golf courses and even an off-leash dog park at Orion Oaks.

For many years I have used certain parks for my personal enjoyment as I have played many rounds of golf at Springfield Oaks and White Lakes Oaks.

Orion Oaks and Independence Oaks are my favorite places to go to restore my spirits by walking in the woods where it is peaceful and uplifting. When I have felt the need for some tranquility and soul searching a slow walk around Crooked Lake in Independence Oaks has often satisfied that need.

A leisurely stroll through the network of trails in Orion Oaks is another near-by sanctuary where I am able to get away from the busy world to clear my mind and feel rejuvenated.

A bench dedicated to my mother in Orion Oaks is where I sit and rest looking out over Lake Sixteen enjoying the peaceful surroundings.

The Oakland County Parks have been an important part of my life. Addison Oaks is where my wife and I had our wedding reception and it's where my 80th birthday surprise party was held.

I have benefited from volunteering at Orion Oaks, making many new friends through my involvement.

I urge all citizens to go to the polls August 3 and vote YES for the ten year renewal of the Oakland County Parks millage.


Ernest W. Baker

Orion Township

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