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Local police unneeded, reader says

July 21, 2010 - Dear Editor,

The vote on the city millage increase is important. After reading "City Police millage important, chief says," June 30, I had to write.

He talks of the great job they did in catching the man on Robertson Court, but the story doesn't say they were assisted by the Oakland County Sheriff's Office with a tracking dog. The Clarkston Police Department does not nor will they ever have the resources on the sheriff's department. It does not make sense to pay more for police that have to call for help when something serious happens.

He also states what a great job they did in catching the young men who defaced the mural. I wonder why they were not caught in the act, seeing how they have less than two square miles to patrol.

Be sure to vote! Don't let a minority of voters make an important decision like this. The Clarkston Police Department is a layer of wasteful government!

Joel North


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