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Support for 44th District state rep. candidates...

July 21, 2010 - ...Eileen Kowall

Dear Editor,

I am proud to say our current 44th District State Rep. Eileen Kowall has been endorsed by the Michigan Township Association. Mrs. Kowall has taken her selfless hard work and vast experience as an Oakland County commissioner and put those qualities to work for us, the residents.

In this world of politics, with non-representing representatives who serve only groups that will facilitate the candidates' political agendas, we are very lucky to have Mrs. Kowall as our representative.

My view is to keep the experience we need so badly in our community. Keep the person who will fight the personal agenda seekers on the house floor. Keep Mrs. Kowall our state representative.

Mark A. Petterson

Independence Township

...Rick Gutowski

Dear Editor,

For 44th District state representative, including Independence and Springfield townships, please vote for Rick Gutowski in the Aug. 3 Republican primary.

Gutowski has over 30 years experience in industry with an engineering degree as well as an MBA.

For the past three YEARS, Michigan has led the nation in unemployment. The career politicians in Lansing keep using the same old slogans and approaches which have done nothing to improve the business climate in our state. We need new ideas based on what has worked in industry. We need Gutowski.

Rick Gutowski has been endorsed by the Republican Liberty Caucus of Michigan, a group of conservative Republicans seeking to limit the size of government.

Michigan needs new, aggressive, conservative leadership. Same old same old politics will only produce the same old results.

Henry S. Woloson

Independence Township

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