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Letter writers support township millages due to...

July 21, 2010 - ...quality of life

Dear Editor,

Funding for two of the services the township provides its citizens are up for renewal on Aug. 3. These include the library and police.

Because of dropping revenues due to drop in property values, the police also request a millage increase to maintain current staffing levels. The township had to let three deputies go for 2010 due to budget cuts. Without the increase, eight more deputies will need to be cut for next year, with additional deputies cut each year thereafter. Police for the township is totally funded by the police millages.

Because of current economic conditions, library use is up, especially relating to job searches. Ninety percent of the library's operating revenue comes from the library millage. About eight percent of revenue comes from library users and two percent from other sources. Though revenues are down, the library continues to operate with the strong support of the Friends of the Library. The library financially operates autonomously and does not receive money from the township general operating fund. ithout passage of the library millage renewal, the library would not be able to sustain itself.

I believe library and police services are vital to the quality of life in our community. In addition, these services have a direct correlation to the stability of property values. I encourage you to vote yes for the Library and Police Renewals as well as the Police millage increase.

Curt Carson, treasurer

Charter Township of Independence vitality

Dear Editor,

I have lived in Clarkston for nearly my entire life, only a few blocks away from the library. From a teenager's perspective, it has been one of the most invaluable resources I have ever had.

I have spent hours and hours browsing the library's books, discovering vital life lessons I have applied throughout my entire life. The library's many children and teen reading programs introduced me to many lifelong friends, and provided me with a place to have fun.

But far from simply impressing upon a single child, the library has done more for our community as a whole than any other local facility. From its availability of resources for economically challenged youth in need of computers for homework, to its stacks and stacks of picture books for children just learning how to read, the library has become not only a building of books, but a thriving community center.

The Independence Township Library is one of the most vital parts of our community, consistently providing a place for people of all ages and backgrounds to read, explore, discover, and connect. I urge you to keep it alive and flourishing. Insure that the youth of today can create the same fond memories of the library that I, and many others, have been making their entire life.


Mel Pavlik

Independence Township

...resource value

Dear Editor,

My family lived in this community for more than 30 years. One of the main reasons why we love it is the Independence Township Library.

The library has something for everyone. It provides music, DVDs, books, books on tape, magazines, internet access, resource materials, teen to preschool activities. For instance, I have a monthly book club with over 20 members. Without the library book club program, we would not be able to provide books for all our members.

In these hard economic times, the library provides important services to our community that many can no longer afford.

I urge our community to renew the Independence Township Library millage to keep a valuable resource alive that benefits all in our community.


Barb Rush

Independence Township

...knowledge base

Dear Editor,

Independence Township Library has an excellent collection. Librarians are constantly reading and writing reviews of books published in the U.S. not only books, but also videos, DVDs, and all information formats.

Did you know you have access to all the libraries in the U.S. via Interloan service?

The Library of Congress is at your fingertips with information published here and abroad with your request.

Irene Rauth

Independence Township

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