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Oxford police log

July 21, 2010 - Monday, July 19 - Some fireworks were reported to be going off on Crawford St. When police arrived, the people who were shooting the fireworks off were gone.

*A female was reported to be walking in the middle of the road on N. Washington and First streets.

*Some subjects were soliciting door-to-door without any permits. When an officer spoke with the subjects, they stated that they would obtain a permit.

*A white Buick broke down in a parking lot behind W. Burdick and Hudson. The car was going to be moved the following morning.

Sunday, July 18 - There was a fight in the southwest parking lot on S. Washington.

*A caller on S. Washington and W. Burdick reported that individuals, who were moving out of an apartment, were leaving trash and old furniture around the dumpsters.

*A caller reported seeing a refrigerator on the side of Park St. with a door still on it.

*A person came into the lobby of the Village police station and reported finding numerous wallets and other items in Oxford Lake.

Saturday, July 17 - A United States mail truck was seen driving all over the road. The truck was last seen turning north on Coats Rd. off of Seymour Lake Rd.

*A peace officer stood by while a father saw his son on his birthday.

*A caller on Broadway called police and reported that her grandson found a bike in the woods and would like to turn it in.

*A resident on Bay Pointe Dr. called and stated that there was an unwanted person on his property.

*An unknown suspect smashed the driver's side window of a vehicle on Deer Path Trail.

*On Great Pines Dr., a house was covered in toilet paper and a car was keyed. There was a two foot scratch on the side of the car and a smaller scratch on the trunk.

Friday, July 16 - An officer found an adult/teen male riding his bike on Glaspie St. and Oxford Lakes Dr. early in the morning. The officer advised him to go home.

*An officer was flagged down by a motorist who reported that there was a possible intoxicated male in the parking lot of an establishment on S. Lapeer Rd. The subject was not intoxicated.

*A suspicious circumstance occurred on Powell. The home owner stated that someone tried to break into the back door and when the owner came to the side of the door, he witnessed two males running away.

*There was a report of malicious mischief on Bay Pointe Dr. A car that was parked in the road had soap and lunch meat all over it.

Thursday, July 15 - There was a suspicious circumstance reported on East St. The caller witnessed a fight, which in turn was reported as an assault and battery. The responsible had left the scene.

*There was a report of lightning possibly striking a residence on Lakes Edge Dr.

*There was a report of lightning hitting a house on Pleasant.

Wednesday, July 14 - There was a report of malicious destruction of property of Broadway. A garden was destroyed.

*The owner of an establishment on S. Washington requested to make a shoplifting report and had a couple of bad checks.

*There was a possible road rage incident on S. Lapeer Rd. The incident was turned over to the sheriff's department.

*There was some property damage reported on Glaspie. A car was found on the sidewalk. There were no injuries reported.

*A report was filed against juveniles shooting off fireworks on Glaspie.

Tuesday, July 13 - A report was filed against a pan handler on S. Washington. The report was confirmed, and it turned out the suspect had a warrant for his arrest out of Lapeer. The police transferred him to the county line.

*A reckless driver was reported on S. Washington. The driver pushed another car off of the road. When the plate was run, the vehicle belonged to a trucking company. The company stated that they would take care of the problem.

*Police were able to find a missing 7-year-old boy.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Lincoln. Some kids in the back and front yard, who sounded like older kids, were beating up on a 7-year-old and using profanity.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on S. Washington. Some kids had a camera setup by the bridge.


CORRECTION: In the July 7 article about Oak Pointe Stables owner Jeanne Tuzik, it was incorrectly stated that her facility provides services to the Oxford High School Equestrian Team.

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