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Letter to the editor: Writer: Give Brad your thanks Aug. 3

July 21, 2010 - Dear editor,

Thank you, Brad.

Ever notice the beautiful daylilies at M-24 near Indianwood Road? Wonder who planted and cares for them? Next time you see Brad Jacobsen, thank him for serving our community.

Brad was on the Lake Orion Downtown Development Authority for over 14 years, several years he served as chairman.

During that time he spent countless hours in meetings and doing physical labor to promote and improve our community. Brad and I planted that bed and the daylilies in front of his store as a DDA project four or five years ago. He has volunteered to take care of them ever since.

I am excited that Brad has decided to run for state representative. I can't think of anyone more qualified or dedicated to our community.

Give Brad Jacobsen your thanks and your vote August 3.

-Nancy King

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