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Kearsley Creek Watershed chapter seeks members

July 21, 2010 - The environmental movement may be coined as green, but Rebecca Fedewa's movement is blue.

Fedewa, the executive director of the Flint River Watershed Coalition, said the protection and preservation of rivers and tributaries is vital to environmental education and utilizing the resources available through the Flint River.

And the Kearsley Creek Watershed is another aspect of that education.

Formerly named Defending our Natural Treasures, D.O.N.T., the Kearsley Creek chapter of the Flint River Watershed Coalition has been renamed the Kearsley Creek Watershed chapter.

"The chapter is working to recruit new members," Fedewa said. "They've been active and they want to get more active in education programs like watershed cleanup."

According to the Flint River Watershed Coalition Web site:

www.flintriver.org, "A watershed is an area of land which drains into a particular body of water."

Fedewa said the name change is not a change in the chapter. It is an attempt at being more direct about the chapter's mission.

"They want to help individuals feel impowered and that they're able to make a difference in their area's environment," Fedewa said.

The water can flow in a number of ways, including streams, wetlands, or through underground groundwater and springs.

The Flint River Watershed Coalition was formed in 1997 and is a collaboration between local government, business, educational institutions, environmental groups, and active citizens.

The Flint River is 142 miles and is made up of 18 smaller watersheds, expanding 1400 square feet.

"We just want to reconnect people to the resource flowing through their backyards," Fedewa said.

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