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July 21, 2010 - Gault for Brandon Trustee

Dear Editor:

Please join me in supporting Cheryl Gault for Trustee of Brandon Township.

Cheryl Gault comes to the Board meetings well prepared, is attentive to the issues. She is hard working, devoting much of her own time to Township problems. Gault has used her experience as vice president of commercial lending at Michigan Commerce Bank while serving as current brustee. She participated in many board meetings as a citizen before her appointment, and has not missed a meeting since.

We need someone unafraid, experienced and frugal in the dire economic times we face today.

Bonnie Beltramo

Vote DePalma for Brandon Trustee

Dear Editor,

There is an opportunity for the voters of Brandon to acquire the services of an extremely competent person for township trustee. Dana DePalma is a certified public Accountant with knowledge of municipal accounting, budgeting and finance. These qualities are unique for someone seeking political office. Like me, she understands the challenges of small business dealing with government regulation.

As president of Bald Eagle Lake Property Owners Association and a board member of an Ortonville community charity I have seen the effects that the economy has done to our rural suburban community. Real estate values have dramatically fallen and some former donors to our charity are now asking for help. While the township officials cannot control these conditions they can learn to live with less revenue. The township has to strive to maintain the services required to keep our community a great place to live.

Dana has a young family and she realizes that to attract new residents the township must balance the services to the children and seniors. While we seniors expect services to enhance our enjoyment of living in Brandon Township we must consider growth through new families moving into the area.

As a veteran I am always moved at the small town ceremony on Memorial Day with the band, chorale, parade and speeches. When I look back at the crowd I see a real cross section of citizens who cherish the lifestyle in Brandon Township. I will always remember over 20 years ago when a school millage was passed by only 17 votes including the 2 from my home. That lone election is always with me when it is time to vote in our township. I encourage you to vote on August 3rd and use your one vote for the election of an enthusiastic competent person like Dana DePalma.

Roger L. Duval, CPA

Labels don't solve problems. People do.

Dear Editor,

Since deciding to run for for county commissioner I've been asked numerous times about party affiliation. It's a fair question and deserves a fair answer.

So lets see. There are Dems, Republicans, Libertarians. There is the Tea Party, Green Party, Reform Party. There are Left wings, right wings and hot wings. There are Conservatives, Liberals, Independents, Moderates, and Centers. (whatever that is?). There are Radicals, Pacifists, Extremists, and Federalists. On any given issue it seems just about everything overlaps something else. Have you listened to talk radio these days? It seems that whoever doesn't belong to your particular sub-group is your archenemy.

As for me, I simply want lower taxes. Better efficiency in government., and eliminating wasteful spending. I know many folks who are Republicans and are far more liberal than I am, and I know some Democrats who have strong conservative beliefs on key issues.

My conclusion? Labels don't solve problems...People do.

Kenneth J. Quisenberry

President, Village of Ortonville

Candidate, County Commissioner.

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