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Letter to the Editor

Stealth elections

July 28, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Looks like the more things change in Independence Township, the more they stay the same.

When Township Supervisor Dave Wagner was asked about the police millage renewal and police millage increase proposals in "Police Possibilities," July 22 edition of The Clarkston News, his response sounded very familiar to how other failed millages in Independence Township have been handled.

Concerning the police proposals, Wagner responded, "We would put it back on the ballot for November, there would be no doubt about it."

The senior center and town hall millage's failed numerous times, yet he and the past board ignored voters, found the money, and then spent it despite the wishes of taxpayers. So once again we've already heard what will happen if people vote down a millage proposal in Independence Township. Their wishes will be ignored and in record time it will be put back on the ballot. Outrageous!

We have a better idea. The board should show taxpayers that they have the integrity to pass a resolution stopping the placement of tax increases on primaries, stealth elections, and instead hold all tax increase proposals during November elections.

The public is keenly aware of how the low turn-out of primary "stealth elections" is used against them to pass tax increases. This election is no different.

Now that we know that the renewals and increases could be going on the November ballot, we will be voting against all of the renewals and increases so that they can be put on the November ballot where they belong!

Michael & Lori Powell

Independence Township

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