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Letter to the Editor

Police visibility

July 28, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Clarkston residents know, as everyone must, that you get what you pay for, including police services.

We have all been on the freeway, caught in traffic moving in excess of posted speeds, only to see that traffic slows down to posted speeds when a police vehicle appears. This is the important difference between the effect of police visibility on "criminal" behavior and the response time to a "criminal" incident. While having police available to respond to our security needs is important, it is only a partial replacement for police visibility as a deterrence to crime.

The residents of Clarkston have a choice of police visibility and response, or just response. The choice is whether we are willing to pass a millage increase or not. In the city visibility includes appearance on all streets at all hours and house checks, when requested, which must be a comfort to our "snowbirds" as well as others who are away from home for an unusual period of time. Police traveling Main Street or Clarkston Road while "responding" to a call is not the same as visibility as a deterrence.

This is a reminder: we get what we pay for!

Tom Stone


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