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Letter to the Editor

County parks

July 28, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Those of us who are so fortunate to live in Oakland County have a wonderful resource in our County Parks. The many opportunities for recreation and outdoor enjoyment are too many to detail. Some of the parks make me feel that I am somewhere in Northern Michigan while only a few miles from home while others provide golf, swimming and other great outdoor activities.

We will never have a better bargain that keeping our county parks alive and variable by renewing the millage request on the August 3 Primary.

For the folks in Independence , Brandon, Waterford and Lake Orion the real jewel is Independence Oaks park; if you haven't been there you owe yourself a visit!

If for no other reason, you need to get out and vote on August 3 for our Oakland County Parks.

We'd like to urge everyone to vote for the Independence Library millage renewal. The library is a wonderful resource for the entire community and has been greatly improved under the current Librarian and her staff. This is a real bargin for us and a failure to pass this renewal will be a major set back for our township.

Jim Reed

Independence Township

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