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Oxford police log

July 28, 2010 - Monday, July 26 - There was a report of a juvenile riding a scooter and writing profanities on dirty car windows and in the dirt behind an establishment on S. Washington. Police were unable to locate the juvenile.

*The children of an elderly female on Pleasant called police because the female was at home and not answering the phone. The doors were locked, but they could see sofa cushions on the floor and a chair tipped over. The children were able to gain entry prior to police arrival and found the female on the floor with a head injury that was severely bleeding. EMS was called.

*A GPS, telephone mount and charger, cash, keys and some ammunition were stolen from a truck on Maynard Circle.

Sunday, July 25 - Two intoxicated subjects were reported on S. Washington Rd. and Dennison.

*Three cars were broken into on Thronehill Trail. They were parked in the driveway and unlocked.

*Two unlocked cars were broken into on Lakes Edge Dr.

Saturday, July 24 - A caller on N. Lapeer Rd. reported that someone entred hiscome establishment injured and intoxicated.

*A caller on Crawford St. reported that she didn't feel good, but didn't want an ambulance. She decided she would call her family again.

*A driver of a while cargo van was possibly driving while intoxicated on N. Washington and W. Burdick. The driver was headed southbound in the northbound lanes.

*A woman reported that someone took the keys to her car while she was sleeping and stole some perscription drugs and cash.

Friday, July 23 - An officer witnessed two males walking with open intoxicants. The officer stopped and ID'ed them and then proceeded to give them a ride to an address on East St.

*Two chainsaws were stolen from a residence on Crawford St.

*A woman came home and discovered that her house was broken into on N. Baldwin.

Thursday, July 22 - Some tree service equipment was stolen from a vehicle on Xcelsior Dr.

*A suspicious vehicle was spotted on Powell. A Pontiac G6 was occupied by a white male who appeared to be messing with a GPS on his dashboard. He then proceeded to leave towards Division. The person was checking out bank owned property.

Wednesday, July 21 - Some children were left in a running vehicle at an establishment on N. Lapeer Rd..

*A white Pontiac Grand Prix was parked on a lawn by a barn on Moyer. The officer made contact and discovered that the vehicle owner was the property owner as well.

*Police were unable to located a black suburban with four black males in it who pulled up to a work truck in the back of a building on S. Washington. It was last seen heading in the direction of Glaspie from behind the building.

*A vehicle that was parked on Lakeville Rd had a window get smashed.

Tuesday, July 20 - A caller suggested that police do an area check on Lakes Edge Dr. after hearing firecrackers and pop bottles exploding. Three kids were seen leaving Lakes Edge Dr. and heading towards the cul-de-sac. The officer and the reporting person found a stash of bottle rockets, pop bottles and drano and secured it. The subjects were not located.

*A suspicious person was seen taking pictures inside downtown businesses. It turned out to be a local resident taking pictures of signs for someone doing a research project in England.

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