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Smashed: Thieves won't hesitate to bust out windows, police say

July 28, 2010 - A woman who stopped to walk her dog was only away from the car about 15 minutes before returning to find a smashed window and missing purse.

That's the word from Orion Township deputies, who are warning residents to remove or hide valuables whether leaving their vehicles, or parking at home.

"You're inviting (thieves) into your car by leaving GPS mounts on the windshield, purses on the seat or anything valuable in view," said Det. Sgt. Michael Suarez of the Orion Township sheriff's substation, noting clues - like GPS mounts - are just as likely to entice thieves, who know the device is usually stashed inside somewhere.

The incident was one of three that occured at Bald Mountain State Recreation Area last weekend - all during daylight hours - and one of many across the township recently.

"Just locking your car is only a small deterrent. If they see it, they'll smash a window to get it." -Det. Sgt. Michael Suarez
A purse was also stolen via smashed window from a locked vehicle at a local golf course, and another from an exercise facility.

An assortment of iPods, credit cards, GPS units, landscaping equipment, and other items turned up missing, as well.

"Just locking your car is only a small deterrent," Suarez said. "If they see it, they'll smash a window to get it."

Often, he added, thieves avoid attracting attention by using a special tool to "punch out" glass without much noise.

And, he continued, while it's not unusual for such crimes increase in summer months, the Orion area has seen more than its share lately.

"We've been hit pretty good," he said. "We're probably looking at more than one person; it's been very sporadic and it's happening all over the (township)."

Suarez reiterated what he said is the best advice advice.

"Stop inviting them in your car by leaving obvious valuables in plain sight," he said, noting residents could also help thwart crime by keeping an eye out.

"If it looks suspicious, it is suspicious," he said. "Go with your gut feeling. Get a plate number, and a description of the vehicle."

A description of the person or persons involved is helpful, as well, he said.

To report suspicious activity in Orion Township, call 248-858-4950. In the Village of Lake Orion, call 248-693-8321

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