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Candidate forum met with voter interest

July 28, 2010 - Three candidates running for Michigan's 46th House District had a chance to answer questions on several politically charged topics when they attended a forum hosted and moderated by the Oakland Area League of Women Voters last week.

From left, candidates Brad Jacobsen, Dan Myslakowski, and David Lillis respond to questions presented by Jerry Burden (standing), director of candidate forums, Oakland Area League of Women Voters. Photo by Laura Colvin (click for larger version)
The event, held and recorded at Orion Neighborhood Television (ONTV) studio July 21, featured candidates Brad Jacobsen (R-Oxford), Dan Myslakowski (R-Lake Orion), and David Lillis (D-Lake Orion) in an hour long session.

Candidates answered questions, submitted by audience members, such as: Should Michigan hold a state constitutional convention? Should the Michigan Business Tax be repealed? How do we fix education funding? Should we be working harder to establish green technology, like wind farms? Should the state pass right-to-work legislation?

"It was very enlightening to see the candidates and listen to what they had to say about the community," said Lake Orion resident Lucy Koscierzynski after the forum concluded.

Koscierzynski said she was especially interested in right-to- work legislation.

"We've lost a lot of jobs in this community," she said. "My husband was out of work for 10 months. I'm not exactly in favor of the unions."

Wondering only briefly how her strong opinions would be received, Koscierzynski said she believes government has given unions "the opportunity to do the automotive industry in."

"I'd like to see some serious reform," she said. "The factories took people from poverty to middle class. My parents came to this county, and I was raised, with the belief that if you get an education and work hard, you'll have a future. I'd like to know what happened to all of that."

Oxford resident Emily Jacobsen, daughter of candidate Brad Jacobsen, also attended, and said she found the forum "very informative."

"(All the candidates) had interesting opinions," said Jacobsen, 24. "My dad has my full support, of course, but outside that, I'm still trying to find my own political stance."

On an extended job hunt, she noted, Michigan's issues have become all the more interesting. And personal.

Marcia Lillis, wife of Democratic candidate David Lillis, was also in the audience.

"We know he might have a snowball's chance (running as a Democrat) out in this area," she said, noting the couple and their children live in Orion's Keatington subdivision. "But there are a lot of things in Michigan Dave wants to fix."

Either way, Lillis said she was walking away feeling more informed about the other candidates, and the process.

Sarah Paine, an ONTV volunteer who came to help with production, said she was glad she decided to stay, noting she was interested in Michigan's Promise Scholarship – which hasn't exactly kept it's promise.

"It's not right," she said. "Young people are our future."

The 46th District includes Orion, Oxford, Addison, Brandon, Groveland, Holly, and Rose townships.

Watch replay of the forum, as well as other local political events, on On Lake Orion government access channel,

Comcast 20 and AT&T 99 as follows:


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Noon Interviews with Gubernatorial Candidates

2 p.m. Candidates Forum: State Senate

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Also Tuesday and Saturday:

6 p.m.Oakland County Commissioners meeting of, July 7

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