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Gabriel Diver puts the final touches on his Toy Tackler 2000 during I Can Invent. (click for larger version)
July 28, 2010 - Nathan Boettge, Ryan Knight, Xavior White and Ethan Thibodeau gathered around the table as they assembled the parts to make their machine work.

They made sure the first part in their Rube Goldberg machine moved and checked the pipe leading to the floor and the pudding cup of baking soda.

During the I Can Invent module at Camp Invention last week the boys and other older campers had to create a a multi-step machine to do a simple task. This year they had to get vinegar to baking soda.

Younger campers created new machines during I Can Invent. They brought in a machine from home. Then, they took it apart to see how it worked. After brainstorming they created a new machine out of the pieces and parts from the old machine.

"I learned a lot about how to take apart things and think about what each part does," said Kimberly Duthinh. In another module she created a battery-operated turtle in Power'd.

"He moves fast with the battery," she said. "I made an umbrella for his head and body so he would be covered when it rains."

Duthinh was inspired to create her turtle, Sheldon, because she likes turtles and has seen them in the pond near her house.

Every year the camp includes different modules. This year included Hatched, SMArt and Global Games.

The week long camp held by Clarkston Community Education, was July 19-23, and ended on Friday with an Inventor's Showcase.

Camp Invention program is a nationally acclaimed summer enrichment experience for children. Clarkston has offered it for the past eight years. ~Staff

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