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Local triathletes place in Craig Greenfield race

The team includes, from left, John Hensler, Ken Krausman, Chris Jacobs, Bob Light, Jan Henson, Howard Andres, Mitch McLouth, Steve McLean, Shawn McLouth, and, not pictured, Carrie Leuenhagen, (click for larger version)
August 04, 2010 - Sunday was a good day for Clarkston Multisport Team.

Several of the local athletes placed and/or beat personal best times at the Craig Greenfield Memorial Triathlon and Duathlon.

"We did great a fantastic turn out by CMT," said team member Bob Light.

Results include:

Jan Henson, first in age, 50-54, with a time of 1:55:26, more than a minute better than last year's Craig Greenfield result;

Steve Mclean, Masters Champion, 1:31:45;

Mitch Mclouth, 1:56:07, second in age group, 1-15;

Tim Martin, 1:37:51 , second in age, 30-34, with a three and a half minute improvement over last year's triathlon.

John Hensler, 1:35:38 , second in age, 40-44, with a three minute improvement over last year;

Chris Jacobs, 1:32:24 , first in age, 50-54, with a Craig Greenfield personal record by seven seconds, and beating last year's time by 1 min 50 seconds.

Howard Andres, 1:41:45, third in age, 50-54, with a three second improvement over last year.

Jacobs set out this summer to train some local teens.

"My son Austin and his friend Chris Calvano where the two who ended up following through and racing," Jacobs said. "My intent was to teach them the results that can come from disciplining yourself and training regularly and setting a goal."

They didn't train for the all three events, but Calvano ended up first in age 1-15, and Austin, third in 1-15 age group.

"They did get the revelation afterwards with 'boy, just think what we could have done if we trained,'" Chris Jacobs said. "They tell me they will be doing it again next year, this time they will train."

Team member Mitch McLouth crossed the finish line side by side with his son, Shawn McLouth, at 1:56:07.

"What a great father and son experience," Jacobs said.

"I would have to attribute the success of the CMT to one thing the jerseys," Jacobs said.

The group got together to design the new, red team jerseys featuring a Clarkston Multisport logo illustrating the three disciplines.

Clarkston Multisport Club helps and motivates people throughout the community with marathons and triathlons.

The group started six years ago when a couple athletes got together to swim, run and bike in the area.

"We are just a great bunch of guys and gals that love to swim, bike and run," Light said.

Members ask each other questions about training, post when they train, and keep in contact.

Training continues, with several members set to race in the Tawas Triathlon Festival, Sept. 10-11.

The group meets every Saturday, spring until autumn, to swim to the end of Deer Lake and back and run up to five miles.

"It was warm this year, so we got out there in late April," Light said.

Several members also meet Wednesdays to train.

Anyone can join the Clarkston Multisport Club. Check Facebook and Yahoo for Clarkston Multisport.

Phil is editor for The Clarkston News. He is a veteran of the first Iraq war, having served in the U.S. Army.
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