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Ortonville Village

July 26, 2010 Synopsis

August 04, 2010 - Village of Ortonville

Brandon Township Offices

395 Mill Street

Ortonville Village Council meeting

July 26, 2010 Synopsis

Trustees Present: Skornicka, Green, Batten, Nivelt, Champion, Eschmann, Quisenberry


1) Approved agenda as with the deletion of item C under New Business.

2) Approved minutes of the July 12, 2010 Village Council meeting.

3) Accepted:

a. Treasurer's Report

4) Approved disbursements in the amount of $3,708.83.

5) Received DDA Update

6) Received DPW Update

7) Received NSP Update

8) Approved the Motion to hire Bethany Forys as Village Treasurer to start as soon as possible at the rate of $18.00 for approximately 20 hours a week.

9) Approved the Motion to purchase the described truck as quoted for $34,179.89.

10) Approved the Motion to have Larry Brown set up a bid package for competitive bids with no less then three bidders identifying streets 1, 8, and 12.

11) Approved the Motion to have the Manager hire some one to repair the 100 feet of sidewalk on Varsity Drive.

12) Meeting Adjourned at 8:10p.m.

Posted by Heidi Barckholtz, Village of Ortonville Clerk. A full copy of the minutes are available at the Clerk's office located at 476 Mill Street, PO BOX 928, Ortonville, Michigan 48462 or on the Village Website @

Publish in The Citizen 7-31-10

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