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August 04, 2010 - The field of candidates was vast and diverse in Tuesday's primaries, but in the end, the voters chose only a handful to move on and represent their political parties in the November election.

Locally, a total of 21 Republicans and Democrats ran in six primaries for two state offices and one county position.

On the Republican side, Brad Jacobsen, Jim Marleau and Beth Nuccio were the big winners.

For the Democrats, the winners were David Lillis, Casandra Ulbrich and Kenneth Quisenberry.

All of the numbers in this article are the unofficial results posted on the Oakland County Clerk's website.

All precincts had reported by press time.

Brad Jacobsen will be the Republican candidate in the race for the 46th District seat in the state House of Representatives.

The 1975 Oxford High School graduate and current Oakland County commissioner garnered 6,590 votes while his opponents Dan Myslakowski and Gary Warner received 3,786 and 2,163 votes, respectively.

Jacobsen will face Democratic candidate David Lillis, who ran unopposed in his primary and garnered 2,760 votes.

Jim Marleau, currently serving as a three-term state representative, will represent the GOP in the race for the 12th District seat in the state Senate. He received 10,676 votes and defeated a whole slew of candidates including Kim Russell (8,185), Copper Rizzo (7,633), John Garfield (3,193), Gene Taliercio (2,494), and Lois Golden (1,209).

Marleau, the former treasurer for Orion Township, will face Democratic candidate Casandra Ulbrich in the November election.

Ulbrich defeated her primary opponent, Ted Golden, by a margin of 7,708 to 3,062.

In the race for the District #1 seat on the Oakland County Board of Commissioners, Beth Nuccio will be representing the Republicans thanks to the 1,999 votes she received.

Nuccio, who's president of the Brandon Board of Education, faced six opponents including James Porritt, Jr. (1,607), Steve Porter (1,239), Andrew Potter (718), Joe Bunting (688), Tony Albensi (498), and John Roshek, Jr. (148).

In November, Nuccio will take on Democrat Kenneth Quisenberry, an Ortonville resident, who defeated his only opponent, Ken Christie, by a margin of 799 to 674.

Oxford and Addison joined the rest of Oakland County in approving the millage renewal for the county parks system.

Oxford said 'yes' to the parks by a margin of 2,588 to 1,018, while Addison approved the renewal 960 to 602.

Countywide it passed 176,311 to 54,273.

However, when it came to the millage renewal for Oakland Community College (OCC), Oxford and Addison voters disagreed.

Addison voters turned it down 734 to 464 while Oxford voters approved it 1,828 to 1,606.

Countywide, the OCC millage passed 132,763 to 80,222.

Overall, voter-turnout was fairly light in both Oxford and Addison townships.

Of the 14,386 registered voters in Oxford, a total of 3,796 (or 26.39 percent) cast a ballot.

In Addison, turnout was a little better as 1,631 (or 33.46 percent) of the township's 4,875 registered voters participated.

Both townships remained firmly devoted to the GOP as demonstrated by the 3,038 Oxford voters (or 80.03 percent) and 1,307 Addison voters (or 80.13 percent) who cast their ballot for Republican candidates.

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