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Roesner not guilty of assault

August 04, 2010 - Last week, an Oxford Township woman was found not guilty of assault charges.

Kallie Roesner was charged with assualt of her former sister-in-law. Her trail was before Judge Nancy Carniak at the 52-3 District Court in Rochester.

Roesner is an Oxford Township Planning Commissioner and serves as chairperson of the Zoning Board of Appeals. She also sits on the township's water and sewer committee.

According to reports, Oakland County Sheriff's deputies were dispatched to Roesner's home on Delano Rd. on May 14, after receiving a 9-1-1 call for a property dispute between Roesner and her ex-husband, a 50-year-old Oxford man.

Her former sister-in-law, a 44-year-old Howell Township resident, was at the home helping the ex-husband pack his belongings into a portable storage container when an argument ensued between Roesner and her ex-husband.

Roesner claimed she was only taking photos and documenting the property being taken from her home.

When the former sister-in-law tried to intervene in the argument, Roesner allegedly struck her in the shoulder area of her right arm, resulting in a red mark.

When asked by deputies, Roesner stated she struck her former sister-in-law on the shoulder, but only after the former sister-in-law struck her in the head with a tool box and placed her hand on her shoulder and pushed her into the wall.

She also said her ex-husband slammed the tool box lid on her hand. Roesner stated she did not initiate any physical contact and that the attack by her former sister in law was unprovoked.

After the incident, Roesner said she left the area and waited in the barn for deputies to arrive.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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