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Timeless Power Sports to service small engines

31-year-old Corey Kimball hopes to service the communities small engine needs with his repair facility Times Power Sports, located at 697 N. Lapeer Rd. Photo by Andrew Moser (click for larger version)
August 04, 2010 - Oxford residents who are in need of a quick fix for their favorite outdoor toy, Corey Kimball invites you to check out his repair shop, Timeless Power Sports.

"We are doing small engine repairs for jet skis, motorcycles, ATV's, snowmobiles and basically anything with a small engine," said Kimball, 31.

When the shop opens, it will be located at 697 N. Lapeer Rd.

Kimball, an automotive engineer, got the idea after he outgrew the space he was formerly using.

"After I was laid off, I decided to try and expand it and expand my E-bay store and my E-bay store turned into something bigger and bigger and I ran out of space in my basement and the E-bay store kind of took over my shop area."

"So I decided to rent some space and try to open a larger shop where I could do some service for the public."

When he started to look for places to open his business, he found that the M-24 would be an ideal place to have a small engine repair shop.

"I view it kind of as a hot rod strip and motorcycle strip and it is kind of a cool place. I saw this place for lease by GMAC," he said.

Timeless Power Sports got it's name from Kimball's passion for working on modern day sports bikes and legendary motorcycles that date back all the way into the 1950's.

"So I thought that Timeless would represent the old and the new," he said.

Kimball has been moving into the facility for the last 60 days.

Right now he is in the process of appling for a zoning permit that would allow him to opreate as a small engine repair facility.

He is set to go in front of the zoning commission on Aug. 13.

Altough Kimball is currently in the building, he would like to wait to officially open until after all of the ordinaces and zoning requirements are taken care of.

"We are going to go the Chamber of Commerce and set up a grand opening date after Aug. 13," he said.

He added that his inital goal was to be open on July 19, but he found out from the township that a special review team had to set up specific rules regarding the building.

"Because the building is so old and it is an automotive based building, it would make sense that we would be able to do a small engine repair business here," he said.

However, the modern zoning laws require more parking in order to have a dealership.

"We are trying to draw the line between what the difference is between a dealership and a small engine repair," Kimball added.

One thing that he would really like to do is make two large display cases units to display motorcycles and put a spot light on them.

"It looks like we might be able to do a movie theatre style marquee sign off of the front of the building, but everything remains to be seen," Kimball said.

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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