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Medial marijuana on Village's agenda

August 04, 2010 - Put the bongs away.

On July 27, Oxford Village Council established a moratorium on medical marijuana.

The moratorium was established on the issuance of permits or licenses for the sale or dispensation of medical marijuana for six months or until the effective date of an amendment to the zoning ordinance. They also decided to forward this issue to the Planning Commission for review and public hearing.

"The planning commission has to deal with it because it is a zoning issue," said Village Manager Joe Young.

The planning commission meeting was slated for yesterday (Aug. 3) to discuss the proposed the zoning for medial marijuana sales.

Council must vote to make the recommended changes to the ordinance.

"It will probably take a couple months to get this all figured out," Young said.

At the meeting, Village President Teri Stiles said that she hoped the village and township could work together on the ordinance for medical marijuana.

"I know that the township is working in that same direction...and I just thought that in working in whatever direction we would have a cohesive understanding of the ordinance between the village and the township," she said.

Township Supervisor Bill Dunn agreed.

"On behalf of myself, I have been coming to your meetings for a long time, and I do want to have cooperation, not only with local ordinances like this, but I'm talking about planning commission issues."

Dunn told the village council that he would like to see the Township and Village Planning Commissions get together.

"What we do in the township affects the village and what the you do in the village affects the township," he said.

Council Member Tony Albensi echoed the thoughts of both Dunn and Stiles.

"I think that it is important that the township and village work together to come up with the proper ordinance for the medical marijuana or whatever other issues that come before us," he said.

Albensi also thought it was important that planning commissions work together.

"I would suggest to each planning commission that they schedule some sort of joint meeting to discuss this issue and any other zoning issues or ordinances that may come up."

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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