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Getting out to vote

Election workers at Orion Township Library said voters were out in force all day. (click for larger version)
August 04, 2010 - For Nick Karras, civic duty was enough to get he and his wife, Gloria, out to vote, Aug. 3.

That, and "The governor's position is pretty important in the primaries," Gloria said. The two live in Orion Township.

Steve Alder of Lake Orion said he was simply glad to have time away from work to get to his Blanche Sims polling place.

For Stephen and Cheryl Terry, the motive to get to their polling place at Orion Township Library was more political.

"Obama brought me out," said Stephen. "I want to make sure Republicans get a hold of the House and Senate again."

Cheryl added that putting in their tallies for renewing the Oakland County Parks millage was important, too.

Whatever the reason, area voters for this year's primaries were out in higher numbers than usual, according to election workers.

Workers at the library said voters came and went all day, and by 7 p.m., 520 had voted in person, with 170 by absentee ballot at that polling place.

Check back for full election results.

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