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Home, car, business: Break-ins continue around Orion

August 04, 2010 - By Laura Colvin

Review editor

People are desperate. That's the word from Orion Township Det. Sgt. Michael Suarez as deputies respond to an increasing string of crime around the township.

Over the past several weeks, a number of homes and businesses have been burglarized throughout the Orion area.

"It's spread around, not confined to one area," said Suarez, who heads up the detective bureau at the Orion Township substation.

"I don't want to speculate whether one is related to another at this point. We're still investigating."

But one thing was sure: The crimes are not specific to Orion.

"It's happening everywhere," Suarez said, noting such transgressions are often committed to support the thief's drug habit. "In fact, these kind of home invasions are something new for us. We haven't seen it much in the past at all."

Over the past two weeks, homes were hit along Joslyn Kern, Hopefield and Indianwood.

Often, Suarez said, the thief has previously been to the house as a guest, and, after seeing items of value, returns when the home is empty.

The best defense?

"An audible alarm," Suarez said. "I never understood why people put in silent alarms. Make it as loud as you possibly can so they get scared and get out."

Several businesses along Baldwin Road, and at least one on Brown Road, also reported burglaries after employees discovered damaged property and missing computers, cash and other items.

Generally, businesses are targeted during the night and homes are robbed while vacant during the day.

While no one has reported a threat to personal safety, Suarez said, homeowners and business employees have, in several cases, arrived to discover forcible entry - a kicked-in or pried-open door, or a smashed window.

In addition to burgled buildings, deputies also took at least 19 LFA - larceny from auto - reports between July 21 and 31, including several for cars parked near an entrance to a Polly Ann biking trail.

As reported last week in the Review, thieves are not deterred by locked cars, and often smash out windows to get at valuables inside.

Victims reported everything from laptops, cameras, cell phones and cash to pain medication and cigarettes stolen from their vehicles.

To report suspicious activity in Orion Township, call 248-858-4950. In the Village of Lake Orion, call 248-693-8321.

Call the Orion Township substation with tips at 248-393-0093.

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