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Letter to the editor: Just say 'no' to medical marijuana

August 04, 2010 - Dear editor,

Please, just say "no" to drugs in our community. No.

There are no existing Michigan state laws mandating cities, townships or villages change ordinances to accommodate those who want to grow, distribute or sell illegal, mind-altering drugs - AKA medical marijuana - in our communities.

People must comply with all federal, state and local ordinances, according to the new act 63 percent of those who voted; not 63% of all Michigan voters. Of the other 13 states the new act passed by narrow margins and man: the remaining 36 states just said no to drugs." Lake Orion ordinance already outlaws the growth, sale and use of marijuana for any reason.

Our village and township board members are duty-bound to protect our community from any and all unnecessary evils. Our communities do not need marijuana growth labs, stores or dispensaries, especially when they will turn into marijuana candy stores.

Groups like "Medical Marijuana Inc., Marijuana Policy Project and NORMAL" just to name a couple are big pushers and backers of this issue along with making anything to do with Scheduled 1 Marijuana, legal for financial gain. Most board members have little to no knowledge on this issue and 'we the people' could get swamped with marijuana users anywhere and everywhere. Complacency amongst our judicial and police system could become a major factor due to over whelming; as some people may put on blinders to deal with lack of funds to thoroughly monitor, regulate enforce our community ordinances plus many other negative factors.

I have yet to see any sever cases of ill people who would qualify under the few illnesses show up at local board meetings; so where are all the severely ill patients? Doctors get about $200 to fill out a form for each applying person and can only guess the patient may benefit since there is no platform of experience for the doctor to gage with, besides the patient getting mad, not paying then finding a Dr. who will guess in favor of the patient in lieu of managing their own wallet and not the patients.

Many studies describe sick people believe fake sugar pills help them. Ah, the power of the sugar pill (fake pill.)

So, Lake Orion and Oxford or any other community does not have to allow the growth, sale or use of marijuana for any reason.

Please protect our communities from any "Cheech & Chong "Up in Smoke" scenarios.

Just say no to drugs."

John W. Hart

Sources: http://www.mpp.org/ -- http://norml.org/index.cfm?Group_ID=3391#Michigan -- http://www.michiganmedicalmarijuana.org/ -- http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=124367058

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