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Oxford police log

August 11, 2010 - Monday, August 9 - Signs posted along the Polly Ann Trail were stolen.

*A small red truck ran a red light on Washington and Burdick and proceeded to turn onto First St. An officer found the vehicle on Pontiac St. and determined that the vehicle was having mechanical problems. The vehicle was then parked.

*There was a suspicious vehicle at a building on Pontiac St. It turned out to be the custodian of a the building, who was driving a different vehicle.

*A caller reported that his son's bike was stolen from an address on N. Oxford Rd.

Sunday, August 8 - An officer pulled a motorist over on S. Washington and Lincoln for driving while intoxicated.

*A caller reported that there was a possible trespasser in a yard on Harwood.

*A father was supposed to return his children to their mother by court order by a certain time and did not. An officer spoke with the ex-husband before advising the mother to go to his house and pick her children up.

Saturday, August 7 - A couple of storage units were found to be open at Mill St. and East St.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Thorne Hill and Oxford Lakes. The subjects told the officer that they were looking for a place to fish. The officer witnessed some fishing equipment in the rear of the vehicle.

*There was an ordinance violation on East St. Officers checked for a permit at an construction site and the workers could not produce one, so they told the officer they would get one on Monday.

*A suspicious person could be heard yelling from across the lake on Glaspie St. It turned out to be one adult and two children swimming.

*Police assisted the fire department with a downed power line that was halfway across the road on Park St. and Hovey. The wire was not arcing or sparking.

*A car stereo was stolen from a vehicle on Deer Path Trail.

Friday, August 6 - A suspicious circumstance was reported on Louck and Center after concrete from the bridge was found to be in the middle of the road. Police checked the bridge and the surrounding areas and the area checked out all clear.

*There was a downed cable wire on Brookshollow.

*Some auto parts were stolen from a business on S. Lapeer Rd.

*There was an accident on E. Burdick. A white Jeep got rear ended and appeared to have left the scene. Police were unable to locate the vehicle.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on First St. There was an open door to a house that was for sale. An officer was able to resecure the door and spoke with the reporting person.

*Police received a juvenile complaint about a large group of kids that were gathered at the corner of Pearl and Ensley. The juveniles were gone when police arrived and police were not able to locate the group after further searches into the surrounding areas.

Thursday, August 5 There was a possible drunk driver heading southbound on Washington. Police were unable to locate the driver.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Glaspie St. A man was behind some bushes on a trail that was off of the right side of the lake following a young female runner. The suspect was gone when police arrived.

*Police arrested two people in a store that were possibly related to previous larcenies.

*There was a juvenile standing on the corner of S. Washington pretending he was going to throw something at passing cars, causing them to swerve. An officer made contact with the juvenile and advised him.

*There was a report of a grass fire on Golf Villa. Police checked it out and advised the fire department there was possibly a wire down in the area. They also advised the children in the area to stay away.

*A resident on S. Glaspie called police to tell them that his roommate was smoking pot and that he was tired of it. The reporting person stated that he warned his roommate that he would call police if he continued smoking pot. Both parties were advised to go to sleep for the evening.

Wednesday, August 4 - An elderly female was driving northbound in the southbound lanes on Lapeer Rd.

*A caller on Thorne Hill Trail reported a vehicle was parked in front of his residence that did not belong there. Police were able to resolve the issue.

Tuesday, August 3 - An officer found two juveniles out after curfew. The officer returned both to their homes and spoke with the parents.

*Teenagers were seen loitering in the southeast parking lot. The reporting person then asked them to move along.

*A solicitor was spotted heading westbound on Baypointe and Oxford Lakes Dr. Police were unable to locate the subject after searching the entire sub.

*Oakland County Sheriff Deputies responded to a home invasion complaint that occurred at an address on Wood Trail. A gun safe with several rifles inside was stolen from the residence.

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