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Local church makes a difference at home

'Why go to Panama to complete a mission?'

From left, Brayton Boyd, Kyle Stigall, and Ray Renaud take part in Lake Orion Church of Christís Mission Possible. Photo by Leah Yanuszeski (click for larger version)
August 11, 2010 - By Leah Yanuszeski, Review Intern

Seven days. Eleven crews. Forty-nine jobs.

That's the gist from Lake Orion's Church of Christ. For the fifth consecutive year 'Mission Possible' made its mark on the community, both physically and spiritually.

This home-based mission, put on by the church, came about after members asked 'Why do we have to go to Panama to complete a mission?'

This year, volunteers worked Aug. 1-7 around the Lake Orion and Oxford area, completing jobs such as yard work, installing bathtubs, simple painting and carpentry, and installing a handicap ramp.

"The best part in my mind is the camaraderie we build through the church," said Kevin Kadrich, an organizer of Mission Possible.

After the day's work, the crews meet up at the church for dinner and a devotional, as well as company. The night is then spent at the church, either in campers parked outside or tents pitched in the parking lot, Kadrich explained.

The church invites whomever they did work for over for dinner as well. "That's the funnest part," said Kadrich.

Laura Lalone made the trek to Lake Orion for the week of Mission Possible. "I came all the way from Oscoda. Everyone talked about it, and I was like 'I wanna go,'" said Lalone.

"I like to see the people's faces when we're all done, sometimes they tear up." -Kelsey Kadrich
A crew made up of 8 teens was all smiles and laughter when asked about the experience.

"We enjoy ourselves," said Kyle Stigall, "we have some good laughs."

"I like to see the people's faces when we're all done, sometimes they tear up," said Kelsey Kadrich.

"Not only are you helping wonderful people, but you are hanging out with great friends," replied Caitlyn Ulery.

The "spiritual high" experienced by volunteers transcends to the homeowners in need. Miriam Sibbald, whose yard and garage was cleaned up by a crew, expressed much thanks towards the church and its volunteers.

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