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A happy pet is a 'Healthy Pet'

August 11, 2010 - Feed good food.

That's Tom Peters' message, from Orion Healthy Pet.

Tom Peters, center, and family offer alternative health solutions for dogs at Orion Healthy Pet. Photo by Megan Collier (click for larger version)
It'll save high vet and medicine bills for pet pups and dogs in the long run, he says.

Today's commercial dog food is what Peters calls "the smoking gun" for the 70 percent of dogs with cancer. Thirty years ago, five percent of dogs got cancer and "corporate America" didn't own dog food companies, he says.

"Dogs don't eat corn, they don't eat meat byproducts and that's all commercial dog food is. It was good dog food 30 years ago," said Peters.

That's where Orion Healthy Pet, run by Peters and his family, comes in.

"I used to sell people food," said Peters, laughing. Now, of course, he sells dog food and supplements.

His family's own dog died of cancer, leading Peters to checking out what's really in dog food and into dog supplements.

"I had a friend who was in the supplement business and he told me about medicinal mushrooms, so we started selling immune-response products to people," he said.

One customer, a person with lymphoma, gave it to his dog because his dog also had the disease.

And the dog got better, quickly.

"So we thought, hey, maybe we should be selling this to dogs," said Peters.

Peters says he sees customers come in with a dog diagnosed with cancer and given two weeks to live, so he offers his products. Then, two years later, the same customer will come in and say, 'I took my dog to the vet and they can't find any cancer.'

But something should come before cancer and before supplements – good dog food.

After their dog with cancer passed away, Peters and his family decided to get a new dog, and in doing some research, found out proper ingredients for healthy dog food. He says to watch out for wheat, corn, byproducts, fish meal, "animal digest" which is a fancy name for roadkill, and cellulose, also known as sawdust.

Now, Orion Healthy Pet sells their own limited-ingredient dog food that customers add their own meat to. It's a grain-free and plant-based pet food, sold in their store and on the Website –

Orion Healthy Pet is located at 1472 S. Lapeer Road in Lake Orion, and can be reached at 248-690-7796.

Reporter, Lake Orion Review
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