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Peeking In The Past

A Look Back From The CNews archives

August 18, 2010 - 15 years ago - 1995

"Richmond running to a new level" Dave Richmond, recreation coordinator for Independence Township, started his 20-week training program for his third Boston Marathon.

"Questions raised about class overcrowding" Eric Haven, representing Parents for Quality Education from Clarkston Elementary School, spoke to the school board about the importance of keeping class sizes small.

"Stepping back in time" Ron Warden of Davisburg operated a goat cart at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, giving rides to the kids. R.V. Sheldon gave dulcimer lessons to visitors.

25 years ago - 1985

"Where elk did roam" Kurt Maier retrieved his anchor in Deer Lake and pulled up the skull of an elk. Kurt's wife Tracey and father, Bill Maier, surmised the elk fell into the lake through ice hundreds of years old.

"School board shoots for Feb. bond vote" Faced with population problems, Clarkston School Board considered a bond issue in 1996. The goal would be to maintain class sizes and keep elementary schools no larger than 550 students per building.

"College bound" Clarkston High School grad Jill Attaman was looking forward to attending Western Michigan University, to study biochemical science. Steve Whittington was heading to University of Michigan-Flint to study veterinary medicine.

50 years ago - 1960

"Local resident Michigan's Lady Shotgun champion" "Candy" Becker of Independence Township won the annual championship in Davison, with a score of 58. She had been shooting only a year, and beat at least three former champions.

"Men pronounce first vows at Colombiere College" Seminarians John Dowd, Robert Hayes, Armando Galardo, John Gallagher, Gerald Gastony, James Heffernan, and Anthony Prosen took their vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience at the Springfield Township seminary.

"Clarkston locals" Blair Bullard, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Rockwood Bullard of Clarkston, returned after a lovely five weeks with friends in Bermuda. She traveled by plane both ways.

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