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Letter to the editor

Rogers needs viable challenger

August 18, 2010 - Dear Editor,

The Aug. 3 primary election has come and gone, and this November only one candidate for representative of Michigan's Eighth U.S. Congressional District will appear on the ballot.

A self-serving 10-year career politician will run unopposed on election day. Unless the Democratic Party endorses a man named Lance Enderle, "we the people" will have no choice, sort of like an election in Iran.

The Democratic Party endorsed a man named Kande Ngalamulume, an unknown football player from Michigan State. He campaigned for all of two months, and then withdrew from the race.

He withdrew after the filing deadline, making it impossible to remove his name from the primary ballot. This caused considerable confusion on the ballot. Lance Enderle received a lot of write-in votes, but not enough to appear on November's ballot because of the voted Kande Ngalamulume received.

Call it what you will, I am angry Mr. Mike Rogers of Mr. Mike Rogers Neighborhood on K Street will buy his way into office again.

If you feel cheated like I do, then contact the Democratic Party. Better yet, call Mr. Rogers and express your views directly to him.

Let us try to put "we the people" back into our government.

Tim Heming

Independence Township

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