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Big Mac and a scholarship please

Susan Reynolds (right) and Joan Halstead. (click for larger version)
August 18, 2010 - If you ask 2010 OHS graduate Susan Reynolds, McDonald's serves up more than just Big Macs and french fries.

Reynolds, an employee at the McDonald's located at 280 S. Washington St., was selected as one of the 51 recipients of a $2,500 scholarship from the McDonald's National Employee Scholarship program.

"It is quite an honor because there are 14, 15 thousand McDonald's out there and this is a national scholarship and I think she did pretty good," McDonald's manager Joan Halstead said.

"I didn't think I had a chance," said Reynolds. "It was pretty exciting when Joan (Halstead) called and told me. It was definitely something that wasn't a given. It was a surprise."

Reynolds has worked at McDonald's for the last two years doing customer service. She found out about the scholarship after she saw a poster advertising it in the employee break room.

She filled out the application, which asked her to go into detail about her community involvement, her working experience at McDonald's and any academic achievements or records she received.

"She was very involved in sports and to be able to balance a job and sports in high school and do well academically is very difficult," Halstead said. "To do all of that is quite an accomplishment and she is very deserving."

A few weeks later, Halstead received a phone call from the McDonald's corporation.

"They asked me a few short questions, mostly if she was still employed and then they just selected and she was one of them," Halstead explained.

This was the third time that an employee from the Oxford McDonald location received a national scholarship.

Reynolds will be attending Central Michigan University in the fall. She is still undecided about what she wants to major in, but she is leaning towards business.

Her last day with McDonald's before heading off to school was on Wednesday, Aug. 5.

"She was a great worker," said Halstead. "We love employing kids when they are 16, 17 years old and watch them go off to college. It is very cool."

Andrew Moser is a staff writer for the Oxford Leader.
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