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Two communities come together for cancer

August 18, 2010 - By Chris Hagan, Special to The Review

After raising nearly a combined total of $100,000 dollars, two bordering communities will reunite for a creative reveal.

Participants in a scavenger hunt for Relay for Life will ultimately gather enough information to bring them to the surprise location for the next Relay. The event will feature a wide array of food provided by several local restaurants. People interested in the event can still register by contacting Kellie Vigilant at The scavenger hunt begins 6:30 p.m., Friday, Aug. 20 at Christi's Bar and Grill
Lake Orion and Oxford, who've been separate in the Relay for Life for six years, have made the decision to reunite for the 2011 relay.

In celebration of both cities coming together, the American Cancer Society, along with other contributing members of both cities, have organized a scavenger hunt as a way of revealing the location of next years Relay for Life.

Happening on August 20, teams of two and four will embark on a journey taking them to different locations around Lake Orion and Oxford.

"Both areas have done so well in the past and we just thought it was time to bring them together," Community Representative Liz Sawielski said.

Beginning at Christi's Bar & Grill in Lake Orion, teams will have to find obscure clues and participate in tasks in order to get the next clue. Ultimately gathering enough information will put the participants at the surprise location for the relay.

"We bounced around different ideas at meetings like a road rally or luncheon," Sawielski said. "But we decided on a scavenger hunt because it sounded like a fun thing to do and it connected people of both towns."

The last time both cities were together was in 2004, where they saw donations rise to nearly 90 thousand dollars. Citizens and individuals from the ACS looked at this years numbers and anticipate an even larger result in 2011.

Chair of the Orion/Oxford Relay, Kellie Vigilant, views the scavenger hunt as more than just a search for items.

"We're two communities that share a lot together but really we're one community with two separate names," Vigilant said.

Her motivation has come at a great loss after her sister lost her battle with cancer a decade ago. Although, that loss has sparked an inspiration to inform and a desire to help prevent any types of cancer.

Vigilant was vital in bringing the Relay to Lake Orion and Oxford in 2004.

"We hope that [at the scavenger hunt] we get to meet some more of our Oxford people," Vigilant said. "We want to see everyone together."

The scavenger hunt, which begins at 6:30, will have a wide array of food provided by several local restaurants. People interested in the event can still register by contacting Kellie Vigilant at

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