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Robbers dash with teen cash stash

August 18, 2010 - Brandon Twp.- Thieves who broke into a church here recently have robbed local teens of an annual fall trip.

Ruth Britting, secretary of Cornerstone Baptist Church, 3060 E. Seymour Lake Road, said on Aug. 9, a churchmember arrived to clean the building and discovered Britting's office and one other office trashed, with the doors broken down. The perpetrators had gained entry to the building by apparently using a brick to break down a boarded- over window and break through insulation and a wall.

"They ransacked both offices looking for money, which they did find," said Britting.

Taken was a little more than $1,000 in cash, with $825 of that proceeds from a garage sale the teen youth group had recently. The garage sale was a fundraiser for a trip the kids were planning to take to either go canoeing or to Tennessee in September or October.

"They had been working hard all summer long and just brought the money in on Saturday so I hadn't had time to go to the bank, " said Britting, who makes deposits for the church. "Needless to say, there won't be money left here anymore, not even my lunch money, and we're having an alarm system installed. Isn't that sad?"

She added that in the 10 years she has been at the church, nothing like this has ever happened before. The teens are disappointed, Britting said, but planning to make up the lost money through a few more fundraisers. She was unsure when they would have the fundraisers.

"They were bummed, but they said, 'So be it,'" said Britting of the 15 teens in the youth group. "It impressed me that they had such a wonderful attitude. They are the best group of teens."

Anyone with information regarding the theft can call 248-627-4911.

Susan covers Brandon Township and Ortonville
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