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And the survey says...

August 18, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I am former USMC Sergeant Michael A. Hamlett and citizen of Brandon for 13 years. I can no longer sit here silently. Having honestly filled out the survey of potential options, I eyed the "Police, fire millages unchanged in 2011; budget cuts eyed" and "Township community park projects move forward" articles with disbelief.

If we as the voters look back, we voted down the park on all occasions. Funny, however, former (Michigan) State Trooper Ron Lapp corrupted processes to run the park through. Now, our elected officers are trying to raise taxes to pay for emergency services. Why?? Ron Lapp's park has already found a way to cause our community to have insufficient funds. We, the populace, will bear this burden, not Ron Lapp or his four followers who voted to continue the charade. What charade you ask? Being able to afford a park in Brandon Township of course! Cheryl, Dave, and Terry, I commend you for trying to be conscious of the times we are in. We should be ashamed of our situation and this burden we are leaving the future populations of Brandon Township. I must apologize, I misspoke. Recent reports show the school enrollments and adult populations are on a steep decline.

More taxes anyone?

Michael A. Hamlett

P.S. When can I run

for the board?

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