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Oxford police log

August 25, 2010 - Monday, August 23 - Four unknown males (ages 17, 19, 19 and 20) approached a subject on S. Washington and began a conversation. One of the males asked what kind of music the subject listens to and asked to see the subject's I-POD. The subject voluntarily handed the I-POD to one of the suspects, who yelled I got it and all four began to run away.

The subject gave chase and caught one of the suspects. Oxford Police immediately arrived on the scene after receiving a call of an assault. The one suspect was placed in custody and the three other suspects were also apprehended by police.

The I-POD was recovered and suspects were arrested , processed and released pending a warrant being issued by the Oakland County Prosecutor.

*A suspicious vehicle was seen driving with lights off up and down Lakeville Ct. and was last seen sitting on a dead end. The car was gone when officers arrived.

Sunday, August 22 - A loud party was reported on Sunset Blvd. All was quiet when police arrived.

*A caller on Crawford St. reported that her neighbor was playing extremely loud music.

*A woman called 9-1-1 for fear of not being able to swallow her piece of pizza. Everything turned out ok.

*Four to five people were caught trespassing on Glaspie St. They were swimming.

Saturday, August 21 - Police assisted a citizen who had an ill pet who needed poison control.

*A gentleman called and stated that he was at a business on S. Washington Rd. and upon exiting he was shoved and yelled at. The caller reported that the man who shoved him is tall and very skinny.

*Oxford police were advised to be on the lookout for a white Buick four door, occupied by five males, that was reported to be speeding and attempting to race other vehicles.

Friday, August 20 - Some subjects in a parked car on Crawford St. were making noise and smoking pot. An officer spoke with the subjects and asked them to quiet down.

*A suspicious circumstance occurred on N. Glaspie. Two males were reported in the area and one walked by the window of a house, causing the dog to start barking. The homeowner thought someone was in his yard and called police. An officer checked the area and was unable to locate the males.

Thursday, August 19 - Police were called to the scene of a possible break-in of a vehicle in the NE Lot. An officer arrived and found that the vehicle belonged to the man trying to get into it.

*A fight was possibly going to happen on Glaspie. An officer spoke with both parties and they went on their way.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Woodleigh Way and Oxford Lakes Dr. The vehicle stopped on Woodleigh Way and it's lights were turned on and off a couple of times before turning onto Oxford Lakes Dr. .

Wednesday, August 18 - A suspicious circumstance was reported at Oxford High School. A man walked into the school through the pool entrance and spoke with a Park and Recreation employee about using the men's locker room to shower. The male claimed to be a detective from Pittsburgh who was doing surveillance work.

The employee let the man shower and escorted him out of the door and into the parking lot, where a conversation began about some nearby houses. The man proceeded to drive away in a dark colored Jeep. The Oakland County Sheriff's contacted a lieutenant in Pittsburgh, who informed them that he had no knowledge of a surveillance operation in Michigan.

Tuesday, August 17 - A caller from Lake Villa Mobile Home Park reported seeing a possible drunk driver exiting the park and en route to Pontiac. The vehicle was occupied by two females.

*A caller reported two black males may have taken two sets of frames from an establishment on S. Washington. They left in an unknown direction.

*A disorderly conduct complaint was called in on Crawford St. after intoxicated subjects on a balcony were drinking and being loud. An officer spoke with the subjects, who were breaking up the party for the evening and apologized for being loud.

*There was a report of juveniles egging houses on Golf Villa.

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