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Bad government: What a crock! Now it's my turn

August 25, 2010 - Dear Editor,

Read Don Rush's angry column about Clarkston in The Citizen. Good column about bad local governments

Good column about bad local governments. Now it's my turn. Brandon Township is sending scare tactic $250,000 budget shortfalls over the next three years. What a crock of bull coca!

The township board, including the treasurer, have no idea what shortfalls we will have in three years. No one does! If nothing changes, we might have a shortfall. If the economy gets better, housing prices go up, taxes go up with the housing prices, and the township board stops spending money we don't have. They use the excuse of, "we have to," or "we will never get a grant for these things again in the future." We may not have a shortfall; we may even get to the point where we have a surplus. Which, I expect, our township board will immediately spend instead of putting money away for another recession or Wall Street driven meltdown. I do appreciate that our township board did take the time to ask the people of Brandon Township how they wanted to handle the budget this year. Unfortunately, the questions were too few, and did not give us a say about the entire budget. There are township officials afraid of losing their jobs if they make hard decisions (spend less). People who will do what is right, no matter what the cost to themselves, are the people who work for the betterment of the township and nothing else. Money for the sledding hill ($29,000) should have gone to police protection or something better for the township. Sledders can walk up the hill on a path kept clean of snow and ice. Seniors, disabled, and disabled veterans were told they cannot have a cost of living raise in January 2010, and for January 2011 — while Congress gave themselves a hefty raise to cover their inflationary costs.

Many seniors, disabled and disabled veterans had to tighten their wallets, do without, and change their lifestyles to deal with no increase to cover rising costs. If we can do it, I see no reason why the township cannot do it. I call on the township to stop with the scare tactics (that will of course precede asking for a tax increase) as soon as possible from those that can least afford it.

Robert Therrien


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