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Letter to the editor

Put opinions in their place, reader says

September 01, 2010 - Dear Editor,

"Cory calls for dissolving city" (Aug. 25) is this news or opinion? The article was little more than Cory Johnston sharing his opinion on whether Clarkston should remain a city. Unfortunately, there were no sources to counter Mr. Johnston. Mr. Kelly is not a city resident so I don't consider his opinion on our future as relevant.

Not all city services will come from the township, only fire, library, water, sewer, and police. The city will continue to plow snow, cut grass, provide zoning and assessments, and guide the historic district.

Residents still control all of these things through the City Council. If we don't like the deal, they can be voted out. Mr. Johnston would have us believe that we will be at the mercy of Independence Township for everything so we should just give up. This is very short sighted.

Mr. Johnston seems to believe that without our own police department, we should dissolve the city. I disagree. Dissolving the police department is a long-term but temporary situation. It could be changed in the future should economic times or the will of the majority of voters change.

We could rebuild our own police force if we choose to. If we dissolve the city, the situation becomes permanent. There would be no going back.

I believe there needs to be discussion about the future of the city but a knee-jerk reaction based on one man's opinion over one hot issue is not how we should determine our future. We should give the new arrangement with Independence Township a chance to work and then start discussing the future.

Until then, lets have news on the front page and opinions on the opinion page.

Craig Frasa


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