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Letter to the editor

Reader supports Johnston's call to dissolve

September 01, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I read the article about dissolving Clarkston cityhood ("Cory calls for dissolving city," Aug. 25), and have to agree with Mr. Johnston, he's spot on with his opinions. Times are far different today then in 1992, when it sounded like a good idea.

Disbanding the police department is really just the first crack in the dam. Our taxes are out of control, making our properties less attractive when it comes time to sell.

I suggest all residents of The Village of the City of Clarkston read this article, really read this article, and I think we'll all agree, it's the right thing to do. See all the duplicate services we pay for, and not really even see. Let's go back to pre 1992, our village was just as "cute and quaint" back then maybe more so and enjoy much lower taxes.

Cory I'm ready to sign!

Jim Laney

Proud resident of Clarkston

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