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Oxford police log

September 01, 2010 - Monday, August 30 - Police transported a juvenile female to her home on East St. after she was seen out past curfew.

*A dog was barking in the early morning hours on Lakeville Ct.

*A citizen came into the station and reported that he was sucker-punched while riding along Edison Dr. No charges were filed.

*A sign along Pleasant and Davison was spray-painted.

*There was a report of an unknown substance burning on Glaspie. The substance turned out to be mulch in a bin. The DPW was aware and checked out the report. Everything turned out ok.

*There was a parking complaint about a vehicle being parked in a handicapped spot.

Sunday, August 29 - There was some possible family trouble on Moyer.

*There was a noise complaint about an establishment on S. Washington. Police were unable to locate the subjects, who left before the police arrived.

*A caller reported that a burgundy Ford Ranger was heading northbound on Lapeer Rd. from Indianwood Rd. and unable to hold a lane.

*A woman was reported to be having issues in a black Toyota Camry behind an office on Pontiac St. The caller was unable to describe what kind of issues the woman was having.

*A caller reported seeing a reckless jet skier in Lake Orion. The caller was turned over to the Lake Orion Police Department.

Saturday, August 28 - There was a grass fire on Hummer Lake Rd. The fire was able to be put out.

*A resident on Crawford St. reported a possible fight in the apartment above her. The officer was unable to get the resident in the apartment to answer the door.

*A suspicious person was reported on Pontiac St. A parent would not leave soccer practice.

*A disabled vehicle was found on N. Lapeer Rd.

*A caller on Laurel Leah reported to police finding a sick cat in her front yard.

*A caller reported a possibly intoxicated female on S. Washington.

*A caller reported a possibly intoxicated female on Burdick and Mill St.

*A caller on W. Manor reported that his neighbor crashed into his vehicle, which was parked in his driveway.

*A caller reported a male riding a bike through yards on Olympic.

Friday, August 27 - There was a possible drunk driver on S. Washington and Minnetonka. The driver was heading southbound out of the village.

*A suspicious vehicle was reported on Glaspie. It turned out to be a man walking his dog.

*Some property damage was reported on Mill. A white van was hit in the doorway while in the driveway.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Mechanic. Two juveniles were getting into a trailer.

Thursday, August 26 - A male subject called police and reported that there were some juveniles possibly going through cars on Oneta and Pocahontas.

*A woman on Doral reported that someone was on her deck.

*There was a report of three juveniles possibly stealing candy from a vending machine on Glaspie. It turned out to be employees restocking the machine.

*A suspicious circumstance was reported on Thornehill Trail. A caller reported hearing something that sounded like someone jumping on a cover of a hot tub. An officer was advised to keep extra patrol on the house. Nothing appeared to be out of place.

*There was a possible drunk driver heading southbound out of the village.

Wednesday, August 25 - Loud music was playing outside an establishment on S. Washington. An officer advised the establishment and the music was turned off.

*A caller on Lakes Edge Dr. reported that a man had been inside the residence. The officer checked the neighborhood and was unable to locate the man with the description that was given. The officer then spoke with the home owner.

*Two screens were cut on Lakes Edge Dr.

*A GPS was stolen out of a vehicle on Lakes Edge Dr.

*A resident on Lincoln reported that all of her jewelry was stolen out of the residence. The resident did not know when the theft occurred.

*A wallet was reported stolen out of a purse that was in a home on Broadway while the resident was at home. The wallet was later found inside the house.

*A white trucked parked on the wrong side of the street and facing the wrong direction on Oakwood Ct. The van turned out to be a work van doing some business and was on it's way.

*There was a report of some suspicious people on Pleasant. Four males parked a vehicle near Centennial Park and decided to take a stroll through Oxford. An officer had all of the subject's information.

*Two kids, 15, were out in front of an address on Lakes Edge Dr. They were sent home.

Tuesday, August 24 - A cell phone was taken from a vehicle on Lincoln.

*A GPS was taken from a vehicle on Lincoln.

*Two bikes were stolen from a residence on Broadway. The responsible were seen on Lakeville Rd. and an officer was able to retrieve the bikes and return them to the rightful owner. The officer then dropped the responsible off to their parents.

*Some kids were kicking a door and throwing rocks at it where boats are stored. They realized they had been seen and walked away towards the skate park where their bikes were. The area was checked and the kids were unable to be located.

*Some girls on the corner of S. Washington and W. Burdick were throwing something onto the street. It appeared they were trying to get people to purchase something. They were gone when police arrived.

*A wallet was found on Lincoln.

*There was a possible operating while intoxicated on S. Washington.

*There was a van on Thornehill Trail with it's doors open and unoccupied. An officer made contact with the owner of the van, who advised the officer nothing was missing.

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