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Good money after bad. Why?

September 01, 2010 - (In response to "And the survey says..." The Citizen, Aug. 21 page 6) Dear Editor,

First, thank you Michael Hamlett for your service to our country. Thank you very much! Secondly, I am in complete agreement with the point made in his letter. It continues to amaze me how our Brandon Township Board of Trustees prioritizes the township recreation department over what are clearly the expressed desires of township residents. We did not then, nor do we now, want our tax dollars spent on recreation when other needs go wanting.

The expenditures approved for a "lift station" at the township park are unacceptable. Once again the immaturity of certain board members is showing. What will be the annual maintenance costs of the equipment? What does the increased liability mean for our insurance costs? Why do you think that matching funds from the state make this a "good deal" for our citizens? Tens of thousands of dollars spent so a very small subset of our population can play in the snow for a few months out of the year.

While I can't comment on the influence the prior township supervisor or his wife may have on the current decisions, I do feel there is a bit of charade, a bit of improper politics going on when the entire recreation department continues in the face of clear opposition. Has anyone driven past the park consistently to see the lack of usage? I am sure those with a vested interest will take issue with thoughts presented on this topic. But what cannot be argued is that residents did vote down the idea of a park on more than one occasion. Why is our board continuing to throw good money after bad?


Kevin Wille

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