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Letter to the editor

Dissolving city discussions needed

September 08, 2010 - Dear Editor,

I was disappointed to see only two letters in the Sept. 1 Clarkston News about dissolving the City of the Village of Clarkston. I hope there are many more people willing to speak up on this very important issue.

This is not a "knee jerk" reaction to any single event but instead a considered opinion based on the facts and the direction our elected officials are taking us. If you talk to the present council members, I think you will find some who agree with me.

As for Mr. Frasa's facts, please add Parks and Recreation to the list of city functions performed by Independence Township. If not for the Township, we would have nothing. It manages Deer Lake Beach, which is owned by Clarkston.

Bids were taken for snow plowing and it can be done for far less than what we pay in additional taxes. Lawn mowing was also bid and and was less than it costs the city DPW, but the council decided to buy a faster lawn mower instead, increasing DPW budget, not reducing costs.

Assessments are by the county, not the city. The historic district can remain the historic district, as it should, whether we are a city or not. I know of no official guidance the council has given the Historic Commission and it pretty much ignores the Planning Commission, rejecting many of their recommendations.

We were a village in the township far longer than we have been a city. Perhaps it would be better to look at ways of working together instead of a protectionist attitude.

We apparently like all the services the township offers and are willing to use them without any vote or control of the cost or level or service, but we don't want to be part of the township? That sounds like something worthy of a discussion and I would like to hear the opinions of others.

Cory Johnston

Village of Clarkston

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