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September 08, 2010 - The countdown is officially over. Summer is gone.

Now is an appropriate time for beach bums to breath a heavy sigh of remorse and parents to breath a heavy sigh of relief.

The school year is here.

My husband and I have our own countdown going.

In exactly five years and 37 weeks our baby will start kindergarten. I suppose the baby has to be born first, but details, details.

I'm ready to be that mom on TV commercials waving goodbye to her boy or girl getting on the bus, suited up with a backpack and lunch. (By then, morning sickness better be over.)

In a way, kindergarten is the first step in "real life." Until then, kids get a free pass on responsibility, like remembering all on their own to wash up after using the bathroom and picking the right bus to ride home on.

The first day of kindergarten is the initial move toward independence.

I don't really remember my first day of school.

When I was four, I started kindergarten at Soo Township Elementary with Mrs. Bosshart. I do remember walking down our very long driveway to the bus, and the sand and water table in the classroom.

And I remember the principal, Mrs. McNeal, awarding me with a citizenship award and an "I'm an awesome Soo Township kid" T-shirt.

Incidentally, Bev Tepper, associate principal at LOHS, was on the committee to name my elementary school Blue Ribbon last year.

Small world.

Tuesday, hundreds of little Lake Orion kindergartners had their first day. What do you think they'll remember?

Hopefully they remember to bring lunch money, at least, since they'll be at school all day.

When I was in school, we went for half the day every day. I was an "a.m. kid." Maybe that's where I found my distaste for early mornings.

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