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Ortonville woman gets it right on 'Regis & Kelly' trivia

Francine Parry watches ‘Regis & Kelly’ at her Ortonville home. Photo by Bob Flath. (click for larger version)
September 08, 2010 - Francine Parry accomplished more than just a decent workout running on her treadmill Wednesday morning.

The monotony of jogging in place coupled with a passion for the Regis and Kelly show paid some decent dividends at about 9:20 a.m. The show airs locally at 9 a.m. on WXYZ Channel 7 Detroit.

"I've been watching the show forever and because I'm just bored running on the treadmill, I started playing the Regis and Kelly Trivia game," she said.

The game, which Francine entered online, requires contestants to watch the previous show and keep track of the show's details. So when Regis and Kelly call the contestant, they are required to answer a question.

"I took notes of the people Regis and Kelly interview on their show—from kids' names to movies to random questions," she said. "You don't know the questions and you're kind of freaking out. I had the episode on DVR, so what I was watching was kind of behind the show. It did not click with me my TV was delayed. Then my phone rang and the caller was restricted."

"I picked up the phone and Regis and Kelly said, 'hello Francine,'" she said. "Then they showed a picture of me on my treadmill. They spun the wheel and it landed on Spice Island Beach resort in Grenada. They asked the question, 'Katie Holmes is married to Tom Cruise—she is starring in a movie portraying a real person. Who is that person?' 'Jackie Kennedy,' I said."

"That's when they said, 'You won seven days, six nights in Grenada for two.' My husband David and I will be spending our 24th wedding anniversary on Oct. 4 there."

They told Francine someone will be calling her in the next two days to make the arrangements.

"David works for Porsche and travels around the country—over the years we attended two Regis and Kelly shows in New York City—I just really like them.

Francine said she came close a year earlier to winning the trivia contest, missing the question, What was the first show Salina Gomaz was on?

"I froze—just missed it, the answer was 'Barney,'" she laughed. "I still won a $500 gift to Pier One Imports."

David and Francine Parry have been township residents for 20 years and have a daughter, Olivia, a freshman at Brandon High School.

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