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Stop spending money on non-essential

September 08, 2010 - Dear Editor,

In response to "Three-year township budget plan takes shape," page 1, The Citizen, Sept. 4:

I agree with the treasurer's statement, "that there is a group of four people that are going one direction and one direction only—spend whatever they can on the park, and forget the township." Their main goal should be cutting the cost of all non-mandated services for the township.

We as taxpayers have got to get involved and say enough is enough. They need to stop spending money on non-essential services at this time due to the present condition in our tough economic times. Our township does not need to raise taxes to balance the budget, but it does need to correct spending on non-mandated services at this time. The law is clear on what the taxpayers have to pay for with taxes and that is what must control our future budget.

Linda Owen, CPFA

Taxpayer of Brandon Township

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